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Know more about tado°
Know more about tado°
What is Preheat Before Arrival?
How can I contact tado° Customer Support?
Is tado° compatible with my boiler?
Is tado° compatible with my system boiler?
Which heating systems does tado° support?
Is tado° compatible with electric heating systems?
What is a tado° Starter Kit, and what are the differences between versions?
What are the individual tado° devices used for?
In which cases do I need a Wireless Receiver or an Extension Kit?
Can I adjust my heating/cooling manually on my devices? How long does this manual change stay active?
Where can I find the serial number and QR code of my tado° devices?
How do I use my Wireless Temperature Sensor or Smart AC Control with the tado° Stand?
How does the tado° Internet Bridge communicate with other tado° devices?
What is Auto-Assist?
What are Quick Actions?
What is Care & Protect?
What is Air Comfort?
What is Child Lock?
I have a new router/modem. How do I connect it to tado°?
How much power does the Internet Bridge use?
How does Open Window Detection work?
What happens when the internet connection is temporarily lost? Can I still control my heating or air conditioning using tado°?
How often are the temperature/humidity measurements updated?
Can I use tado° in my bathroom?
How does frost protection work?
Does tado° support Legionnaires' disease protection on my heating system?
How can I make sure that all my tado° devices are up to date?
How long will it take for my heating system to react to a command given on tado°?
I don't own a smartphone. Can I still use tado°?
How can someone at home without the app (like a child or visitor) use tado° ?
Is tado° X compatible with other tado° product lines?