tado° can help you ensure that residents or visitors will be cosy in your home, even if you are away. 

For recurring situations

You can adjust the schedule for each room based on the routine of residents or regular visitors of your home who do not have the tado° app, like a nanny or a child. To do so, you will need to switch off Geofencing for the relevant time blocks

tado° will then follow the heating schedule of the selected time blocks regardless of the Home members’ locations during these time blocks.

For less frequent situations

You can always control the heating manually either using Manual Control for individual rooms or by changing the Mode for your whole Home

To change the Mode, go to the Geofencing from the Home Screen and manually switch to Home or Away Mode. tado° will stay in the chosen Mode until a Home member changes the Mode again. This change controls your whole tado° heating system and not just individual rooms. 

Residents without a smartphone can also control tado° directly on the devices.

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