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What is Air Comfort?
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Air Comfort provides insights into air freshness as well as temperature and humidity, and suggests ways in which you can improve the climate in your home.

Air Freshness

This card shows how fresh the air in your home is at the moment, which can help you decide when it’s a good time to air your rooms.

 Comfort Level per room

You can also get to know the current comfort level in every room which has a tado° device installed. This is indicated by the status in the upper right corner and the small white dot in the graph in the room card. When the indoor climate is ideal, the status will say Pleasant and the white dot will be in the centre of the graph

tado° considers the temperature and humidity level in the room and arrives at the comfort level based on an international standard for thermal indoor conditions. The standard also accounts for adaptive comfort across seasons, which is why you may notice that different ideal values apply for comfort during winter and summer. tado° also indicates if the room is too humid or dry and warns you if there is a risk of mould or infection.

Please note: if you only have Smart Radiator Thermostats Basic in your tado° Home, Air Comfort won’t be available. If you’d like to access this feature, you’ll need to install other tado° devices in each room for which you’d like to get this information.

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