tado° heating products can be purchased individually or combined in Starter Kits. A tado° Starter Kit should always be the first purchase for getting started with tado° in your home. They contain an Internet Bridge and the respective tado° heating devices, e.g. a Wireless Receiver and a Wireless Temperature Sensor. Only one Starter Kit per home is required.

Starter Kits can be enhanced with tado° add-on products which expand your heating setup. Add-on products are compatible with all Starter Kit versions, V2 and above.

Current: V3+ Starter Kits

V3+ is the latest version of tado° and comes with improved hardware, a more modern chipset and extended compatibility.

The following V3+ Starter Kits are available:

  • Starter Kit - Wired Smart Thermostat V3+

  • Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+

  • Starter Kit - Smart Radiator Thermostat V3+

For the UK

The Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ (incl. Programmer with Hot Water Control) replaces the Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+

All V3 and V3+ Starter Kits contain the Internet Bridge which allows you to control tado° via the app. It is also HomeKit enabled.

Older Generations

The following hardware versions have been superseded by V3+:

  • Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3

  • Smart Radiator Thermostat Horizontal Mounting - Starter Kit V3

  • ​Smart Radiator Thermostat Vertical Mounting - Starter Kit V3

  • Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V2

(not Homekit compatible)


  • Connector Kit (V1)

The Connector Kit V1, is not compatible with any of the add-on devices.

More information:

What are the differences between the different hardware versions of the Smart AC Control?

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