tado° products can be purchased individually or combined in Starter Kits. A tado° Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started with tado° at your home: an Internet Bridge and the respective tado° devices, e.g. a Smart Thermostat or a Smart Radiator Thermostat. Only one Starter Kit per home is required.

Starter Kits can be enhanced with tado° add-on products such as Smart Thermostats, Smart Radiator Thermostats or an Extension Kit. Add-on products are compatible with all Starter Kit versions V2 and above.

The latest Starter Kit version is the V3+. In comparison to V3 products, V3+ Starter Kits come with improved hardware such as a more modern chipset and extended compatibility.

In the UK, the following V3+ Starter Kits are on offer:

Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ 

Smart Radiator Thermostat Horizontal Mounting - Starter Kit V3+

Smart Radiator Thermostat Vertical Mounting - Starter Kit V3+  

The following V3 Starter Kits were available earlier:

Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3  

Smart Radiator Thermostat Horizontal Mounting - Starter Kit V3

Smart Radiator Thermostat Vertical Mounting - Starter Kit V3  

All V3 and V3+ Starter Kits contain the new HomeKit enabled Internet Bridge which allows you to control tado° via Apple HomeKit.

However, in contrast to the Starter Kit V3, the earlier Starter Kits V2 contain the earlier version of the Bridge (without the pairing button), which does not work with Apple HomeKit. The earlier Bridge can be replaced by the newer Internet Bridge to use tado° with Apple HomeKit.

Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V2  

The earliest tado° product, the Connector Kit V1, is not combinable with any of the later versions. If you would like to use tado° for multi-room systems, with Smart Radiator Thermostats or with Apple HomeKit, you can upgrade to the latest Starter Kit version.

Connector Kit (v1)

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