It is easy to manually adjust your heating or cooling directly on your tado° devices.

For rooms in the app with multiple tado° heating devices, you can adjust the temperature manually on each of them, whether it is a Measuring Device or not.

When you make these kinds of changes, tado° switches all of the devices in that room to Manual Control and overrides the Smart Schedule for the period you select.

Here's how you can do this:

On the Smart Thermostat or on the Wireless Temperature Sensor

Press the button on the Smart Thermostat or the Wireless Temperature Sensor to activate the display. Use the touch arrows to change temperature. To control hot water, when present, press the button to activate the display and press it again to move to the hot-water screen. Use the touch arrows to change temperature or turn it on and off.

On the Smart Radiator Thermostat

Turn the control knob on the Smart Radiator Thermostat to change the temperature. Note: if you can’t manually adjust your Smart Radiator Thermostat, it could mean that Child Lock is activated. To adjust your heating manually, you will need to first deactivate Child Lock in the app.

On the Smart AC Control

Tap on the Smart AC Control to activate the display. Use the touch arrows on the device to change the temperature and the modes (the modes you can adjust depends on your AC command set). Press the arrows up or down until you arrive at the desired mode and temperature.

Using Smart Home integrations

You can also change a setting for tado° devices through Smart Home integrations (like HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa). All changes made via a Smart Home integration will automatically activate Manual Control on the tado° device. You can change the duration of Manual Control through the tado° app by going into Settings > Rooms & Devices > Room name > Manual Control, on the tado° device. Then, choose one of the options described below.

Adjusting the duration of the Manual Control

To set how long you want the manual change to last, you can choose from the following options:

Until next automatic change: The Manual Control settings remain active until the next time block in the Smart Schedule with a different temperature or until tado° switches between Home or Away Mode. Note that Early Start will not be triggered in this setting.

Timer: This lets you specify a time span for which Manual Control should stay active. When you set the timer, tado° ignores all Smart Schedule and Geofencing settings until that time frame ends.

Until ended by user: The settings remain active until you choose to end Manual Control. You can do so on the device by activating Home mode or via the app by cancelling the change in the room in which the device is found. This is best if you want to keep a certain setting for a longer period.

When you set tado° to Until ended by user, tado° ignores all Smart Schedule and Geofencing settings until you end Manual Control.

To change which Manual Control duration option tado° uses, please do the following:

  • Go to Settings in the mobile app, then

  • tap on the room the selected device is in.

  • Tap on Manual Control on tado° device, then

  • tap on Manual Control on tado° device again, and

  • select your preferred Manual Control duration option.

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