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Is tado° compatible with my system boiler?
Is tado° compatible with my system boiler?
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Generally, tado° is compatible with fully commissioned and functioning system boilers.

System boilers are usually installed with an external domestic hot water tank. Such systems use 2-port valves (S-plan system) or a 3-port valve (Y-plan system) to divert the heated water to different heating circuits. In these cases, room thermostats and programmers are not wired directly to the boiler. Instead, they are connected to the boiler via a wiring centre.

If you have an S-plan or Y-plan system and have existing controllers connected to it, tado° can replace these controllers.

If you have a new system boiler without an existing controller, or want to connect tado° directly to your wiring centre, please get in touch with a heating engineer.

tado° is not compatible with system boilers with a digital interface (e.g. OpenTherm/eBUS).

To find out if tado° is compatible with your heating system, please contact us via chat with:

  • the brand and model name of the programmer that controls your system boiler, and

  • the brand and model name of the room thermostat that you want to replace with tado°.

If you can’t find this information, you can also send us some helpful pictures (pdf or jpg) of your devices.

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