With Child Lock activated, tado° will ignore any changes made manually on your Smart Radiator Thermostat. This ensures your heating works as scheduled, maintaining your comfort and your energy savings.

How to activate Child Lock

To activate the feature please do the following on your app:

  • Go to Settings > Rooms & Devices,

  • select the Smart Radiator Thermostat you want to lock, and

  • set Child Lock to on.

  • Repeat for all Smart Radiator Thermostats you’d like to lock

When Child Lock is activated, heating settings, such as the target temperature, the Smart Schedule and Home and Away, will remain unaffected if someone tries to manually adjust the heating on the device itself.

How to know that Child Lock is activated on your Smart Radiator Thermostat:

When the control knob is turned, two half-circles will join to create a locked circle.

You will not be able to adjust any settings manually on the device while Child Lock is activated.

More information:

How can I deactivate Child Lock when the Smart Radiator Thermostat can’t connect to the app?

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