Care & Protect focuses on the health of your heating system, informing you of your usage and helping you to identify issues, should they arise.

If an issue is detected, depending on the problem, you will have the option to either fix it yourself or refer to a professional.

If you have a system with a boiler, you should add the boiler details here to benefit from more personalised feedback.

There are three main features under Care & Protect:

  • Incident Detection & Self-Fix Guides
  • Heating Activity
  • Boiler Repair Services

Incident Detection

tado° constantly monitors your heating system to identify when something is not right. It considers various factors, including the indoor temperature of each room, your Smart Schedule and open windows.

If there are any unexpected changes, you’ll receive a notification and be given the option to try to identify and resolve the issue or call in a professional to do so for you.

This means you can address boiler problems as they arise, and in some cases even avoid costly repairs.

System status messages

When Incident Detection is enabled, the following statuses are possible:

  1. No incident detected. When everything is running as it should in your tado° system.
  2. “Incident” detected. When tado° has noticed an unexpected change in the behaviour of your heating for a specific room.
  3. No NEW incident detected. When an incident has recently been detected, we show you how long it has been since it occurred.

Deactivating Incident Detection

If you want to disable incident detection, please follow these steps in the mobile app:

  • Go to Settings > Care & Protect then,
  • toggle Enable Incident Detection to ‘Off’.

You can keep Incident Detection on but deactivate push notifications by following these steps in the mobile app:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications, then
  • toggle Incident Detection to ‘Off’.

Self-Fix guide

If you have Auto-Assist and a boiler, when you receive an issue notification you will be given the option to fix the issue yourself with a step-by-step guide. Alternatively, you will be referred to a professional who would be able to help.

If you know what caused the issue, for instance, a boiler service is underway, you can let tado° know or you can choose to ignore the issue.

Heating Activity

If you have Auto-Assist, you will also find an overview of your home's total heating use under Heating Activity. The main screen shows the total heating time for the day so far, which rooms are currently heating and to what percentage.

The report shows:

  • the daily average for the number of hours the heating was activated.
  • a graph with your home’s heating activity over the last 30 days.
  • your home’s total heating time over that period.
  • a comparison between current usage and that of the previous period.

Boiler Repair Services

There are three options for Boiler Repair Services that all users can select from:

  • Book a Repair. For when your system has a problem that cannot be repaired via self fix.
  • Book a Boiler Service. For maintenance of your system.
  • Get a Quote for a New Boiler. When you would like to buy a new boiler.

Please note: The Boiler Repair Service is limited to customers in service-supported countries.

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