The Auto-Assist Skill allows you to completely automate your heating system control, removing the need for manual adjustments.

With Auto-Assist, you will benefit from the following improvements to your tado° system:

  • With geolocation active, tado° will automatically adjust your heating or cooling for you when the last person leaves home or the first person arrives back.

  • tado° will automatically adjust your heating or cooling when an open window is detected.

  • You get access to enhanced Care & Protect features including:
    - access to Self Fix Guides, to resolve issues yourself, saving time and money.
    - access to your Heating Activity information, which shows heating use for the day, week, month and year. You can also compare data with the previous period.

Subscribe to Auto-Assist

You can subscribe either monthly or annually, with the option to cancel at any time.

To subscribe, follow these steps on the app:

  • Go to Settings then

  • Select Auto-Assist.

  • Choose your preferred plan and select Activate.

Please note, If you are moving and want to keep your free Auto-Assist, you will need to take your devices with you.

If the Auto-Assist Skill is activated and Preheat Before Arrival is enabled, tado° may start heating even when it is in Away Mode.

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