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What is Auto-Assist?
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Auto-Assist allows you to completely automate your heating or air conditioning system’s control, removing the need for manual adjustments. It also constantly monitors your heating activity to identify unusual behaviour, and helps you fix issues if they arise.

With Auto-Assist, you will benefit from the following improvements to your tado° system:

  • With geolocation active, tado° will automatically adjust your heating or cooling for you when the last person leaves home or the first person arrives back. If Auto-Assist is activated and Preheat Before Arrival is enabled, tado° will start heating your home before your arrival, when you’ve been out, so that your home is cosy and warm in time for your return.

  • tado° will automatically adjust your heating or cooling when an open window is detected.

  • You get access to enhanced Care & Protect features including:
    - access to Self Fix Guides, to resolve issues yourself, saving time and money.
    - access to your Heating Activity information, which shows heating use for the day, week, month and year. You can also compare data with the previous period.

  • Energy IQ, which provides heating consumption estimates, allowing you to take control of your heating use to save energy and costs (Not available for Smart AC Control only homes).

Subscribe to Auto-Assist

You can subscribe either monthly or annually, with the option to cancel at any time. You’ll get a free trial to test the energy savings and other benefits of Auto-Assist before you pay.

To subscribe, follow these steps on the app:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Select Auto-Assist.

  • Choose your preferred plan and select Start free trial.

Please note: if you are moving and want to keep your free Auto-Assist linked to your tado° pre-V3+ Starter Kit or Smart AC Control, you will need to take your devices with you.

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