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What is Preheat Before Arrival?
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With Preheat Before Arrival activated, tado° will start automatically heating your home before your arrival, when you’ve been out. This way, tado° ensures perfect comfort the minute you walk through the door, while saving you energy and costs.

To use preheat before arrival, you need Auto-Assist activated and Geofencing enabled.

To start heating at the right time, tado° takes many factors into account, like current temperature, target temperature, your Preheat Before Arrival setting, heating system characteristics, how far you are from home, and so on.

How to activate Preheat Before Arrival

You can choose to enable Preheat Before Arrival for some or all your rooms. To activate the feature, please do the following on your tado° app:

  1. From the Home Screen, select the Room Screen of your choice.

  2. Tap on the Smart Schedule icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then select Away.

  3. Under Preheat Before Arrival choose the desired preheating setting by moving the slider.

  4. Repeat for all rooms you’d like to preheat before your arrival.

Preheat Before Arrival setting

You can choose between three available levels of preheating:

  • Eco: tado° prevents you from preheating your home too early and makes sure your home reaches the desired temperature only after your arrival.

  • Balance: tado° will find the best trade-off between comfort and savings for you.

  • Comfort: tado° ensures that your home reaches the desired temperature shortly before your arrival.

If you set Preheat Before Arrival to Off, tado° maintains the Minimum Away Temperature while in Away Mode, and starts heating only when it’s back in Home Mode.

Smart AC Control

Based on your Geofencing settings, tado° automatically activates the Smart AC Control to heat/cool as soon as you’re close to home.

As it takes very little time to heat or cool via your heat pump or air conditioner, preheat/pre-cool before arrival is not available for the Smart AC Control.

To set the distance that you should be from your home when tado° switches to Home Mode, simply define your Home Area in the tado° app: go to Settings>Geofencing>Home Area.

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