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The tadoº app is showing a ‘No data’ message. What does this mean?
The tadoº app is showing a ‘No data’ message. What does this mean?
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If a No data error message appears when you try to access your Energy IQ calculations in the tadoº app, it could be due to the following reasons.

Connectivity issues

The most common cause of a No data message is a connectivity issue between the tado° devices.

To make sure that your devices are connected, go to your Settings > Room and Devices in the tado° app and check if your Internet Bridge or other tadoº devices are offline.

Consumption data issues

A No data message can also appear if the app is having trouble reading the information provided for calculating your heating costs.

Try re-entering your consumption details and check that all the information is correct. If you still see a No data message, please contact customer support via chat.

Mixed heating set-ups

When heating set-ups contain both heating circuits and independent heat sources, or use energy for non-heating purposes (like domestic hot water), the tado° app may not be able to estimate the costs and will display a No data message.

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