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I have tado° heating products installed and my app shows that my device is offline. How can I fix this?
I have tado° heating products installed and my app shows that my device is offline. How can I fix this?

Step-by-step guidelines for solving unexpected disconnections with your tado° heating devices.

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No remote access/Offline is shown in the app when there is a problem with the connectivity of your tado° devices.

Depending on your region and specific hardware revision, your tado° V3+ Smart Thermostats store heating schedules locally, meaning they will continue to follow your Smart Schedule, even if the network connection is lost. The rollout of this feature is ongoing.

If you are currently setting up your device, please make sure it is paired with the Internet Bridge.

If you have previously paired and operated your tado° devices, there are several other reasons why the app could now be showing no remote access/Offline. Here are a few ways in which you can solve the problem:

  1. Check if the internet connection is working. To do this, log in to your home’s Wi-Fi network on your smartphone. If it is not working, please check that your router is powered and reset the router. This will usually resolve a temporary issue with the internet connection.

  2. If the internet connection is working, make sure that your tado° Bridge is powered and connected to the router, then check its location to ensure that:

    • the Internet Bridge is not positioned behind your router. If possible, use a longer Ethernet cable to move the Bridge further away from the router.

    • there are no large metal objects or other devices that use a radio frequency, positioned between the tado° devices and the Bridge. This ensures that the radio connection between tado° and the Bridge is stable at all times.

    • your Internet Bridge is not located too close to a wall, in the corner of a room, or enclosed between wall and furniture.

  3. If the Bridge is powered and is connected to the router, try moving and placing the Internet Bridge in an upright position. This can help to improve the connection for your whole tado° system.

  4. Make sure that your Internet Bridge is placed in a way that makes it equally far from all your tado° devices. The distance between the Internet Bridge and each device should be at least 3 meters. If the current position of your router does not allow for this, try using a powerline adapter to connect the Internet Bridge to the internet.

  5. If this doesn’t solve the problem, go to Settings > Rooms & Devices in your app to find out which device is offline. Restart this device. Please note: if the Zone Controller device is offline, all devices that belong to the same Heating Zone will be shown as offline too.

  6. Also, check and replace the batteries of your connected devices if they are not in a good state.

If you can’t resolve your problem immediately or if there is no connection, you can always control your heating manually on your devices.

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