If tado° controls your boiler, and your home has only one Heating Zone, then Energy IQ will be shown on the Home Screen of your app. In this case, you’ll be able to toggle between two screens, Consumption and Savings. If you have Auto-Assist, you’ll have full access to the feature.

The Consumption report is updated daily and estimates your monthly heating consumption and costs.

It shows:

  • the total amount of your estimated heating costs and consumption. You can toggle between currency and to customise your view.

  • an adjustable graph showing monthly usage.

  • a forecast of your heating costs for the current month.

  • a comparison between your current heating consumption and that of the same period the previous year.

  • the average outside temperature and the number of hours you’ve heated compared to the same period the year before.

The estimate is made taking several factors into account, such as your boiler’s activity and/or consumption data. The estimated cost is calculated using the average energy price in your region or the actual price you pay for heating, once given (see below).

Please note: our estimate takes into account your total energy consumption, not only the energy used for heating. This is why your report might show some energy usage even though you were away, or you had turned your heating off.

Adding consumption data

To get more accurate, personalised estimates, add your previous consumption data and your energy tariff to the tado° app. Go to Settings > Energy IQ, where you’ll be able to:

  • add data from your meter readings or heating bills and specify your energy tariff.

  • select your preferred graph unit (m³/kWh).

  • change your data source and preferred unit of measurement. Please be aware that if you change this selection in the future, your previous data will be deleted and reset.

Please note: if you bought your products from one of our partners, you might not be able to access this report. Also, the report is not available for the Smart AC Control.

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