What is Savings Advice?
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Energy IQ uses data from Open Window Detection, to calculate the potential savings every time your heating is turned off when a window is opened.

How does Energy IQ detect and calculate the savings potential?

If you have deactivated Open Window Detection, tado° still measures temperature and humidity changes, it just doesn’t notify you when an open window is detected.

Energy IQ uses this information to provide Savings Advice.

Starting with data shared by the tado° community, Energy IQ can estimate the kWh x m³ that a call for heat consumes. This value is then multiplied by a default tariff of €0,15 per kWh (EU average), to get a cost value.

Savings Advice applies this value to the first 15 minutes after the open window was detected, to estimate your potential for savings if you reactivate Open Window Detection.

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