To test the heating or hot water functionality on your Wireless Receiver - Programmer with Hot Water Control (UK), please complete the following steps on the device:

  1. Press the test button for heating or hot water once. The power LED will turn orange and start fading in and out indicating that the testing mode is active. The test button’s LED will turn on when the relay is in the closed position.

  2. Press the same test button again to switch the relay off and end test mode. If the test button is not pressed again, test mode will end automatically after about 2 minutes.

    Hot water


It is possible to test both functions at the same time.

Please note that the test buttons follow the configuration of the device. For instance, the hot water test button will be inactive if the device is not configured to heat water. Also, if a gravity-fed system is controlled, both LEDs will be active when testing heating.

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