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Once your tado° devices are installed, it’s easy to control heating or cooling via the app, any time from anywhere.

You’ll find the following from the Home Screen of the app:

Starting from the top you’ll see:

These let you apply setting to all rooms in your home and, depending on your previous settings, you can:

  • Turn OFF all heating or cooling until you cancel.

  • Boost Heating, to turn on all heating to the maximum for up to 30 minutes.

  • Resume Schedule, to return to your heating schedule after selecting one of the above.

  • Switch to Home, to change your set location

  • Switch to Away, to change your set location

  • Switch to Auto, to let Geofencing detect your location (only with Auto-Assist).

  • Turn Heating OFF, when Open Window Detection activates.

Each coloured square with a temperature figure in it represents a room you have created in your Home (also the hot water zone). You can select a room to see more details. The larger figure shows the current temperature, with the room name below that. The smaller figure below that shows the temperature the room is heating/cooling to. If the heating, hot water or cooling is not active, it shows the temperature it’s set to.

The colour of the rooms gives you a quick view of their temperatures:

  • Greens: room set to a saving temperature (below 19°).

  • Yellow-oranges: room set to a higher temperature.

  • Grey: room set to OFF/Frost protection.

Select a room to change your Smart Schedule, manually change the temperature or to view your Climate Report.


Below the rooms you’ll find the following skills:

  • Air Comfort, which shares details about the quality of the air in and outside your home.

  • Geofencing, which shows if your home is currently set to the Home or Away settings of your Smart Schedule. Select this to adjust your settings to Home/Away/Auto.

  • Energy Savings, which shows how tado° helped you save in the last month. If you have Auto-Assist, this will be Energy IQ, where you can check your energy consumption report.

  • Care & Protect monitors the ‘health’ of your heating system, helping you to identify issues should they arise.

At the bottom of the Home screen, you can access:


Select this to make changes to the settings of your skills, or if you want to change or view details about your:


Select this to adjust your account details or get help from the tado° Community or Support, and sign out of your account.

The easiest way to keep your tado° app up to date is to activate automatic app updates in the operating system settings of your smartphone.

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