Once your tado° devices are installed, it is easy to control heating or cooling via the app, any time from anywhere.

The Home Screen of the app gives you a quick overview of your indoor climate.

This screen shows the measured and target temperature of all your rooms and the state of your hot water zone.

It also shows the available Quick Actions which act on all rooms e.g. with Boost Heating or specific rooms e.g. with Turn Heating OFF when an open window has been detected.

You can use Reorder Rooms to rearrange the position of the rooms on the Home Screen.

Each room shows the current temperature in that room, the room name and the set temperature which is the temperature you would like tado° to maintain. You can read more about adjusting individual room settings here.

If tado° is currently heating the room to reach the set temperature, ‘Heating to x°’ will be shown instead of ‘Set to x°’.

For Heating rooms you can also get a quick overview of the temperature states of all rooms based on the colour of each Room:

  • Greens: room set to a saving temperature (below 19°).

  • Yellow-oranges: room set to a higher temperature.

  • Grey: room set to OFF/Frost protection.

You can also access the following Skills directly:

  • Air Comfort, which provides insights into the quality of the air in your surroundings and suggests ways in which you can improve the climate in your home.

  • Geofencing, which shows if your home is currently set to the Home or Away settings of your Smart Schedule. It also allows you to toggle between Home/Away.

  • Energy Savings Report, which provides a breakdown of the ways that tado° helped you save over the last months.

  • Care & Protect focuses on the health of your heating system, informing you of your usage and helping you to identify issues, should they arise.

At the bottom of the Home screen you can access:

  • The Settings section, which helps you to manage your tado° Home, your devices and their Skills.

  • The More section, which gives you access to the Help Center, lets you provide feedback or get more info about tado°.

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