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How can I get started with the tado° app?
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Once your tado° devices are installed, it’s easy to control heating or cooling via the app, any time from anywhere.

You’ll find the following from the Home Screen of the app:

Starting from the top you’ll see:

These let you apply setting to all rooms in your home and, depending on your previous settings, you can:

  • Turn OFF all heating or cooling until you cancel.

  • Boost Heating, to turn on all heating to the maximum for up to 30 minutes.

  • Resume Schedule, to return to your heating schedule after selecting one of the above.

  • Switch to Home, to change your set location

  • Switch to Away, to change your set location

  • Switch to Auto, to let Geofencing detect your location (only with Auto-Assist).

  • Turn Heating OFF, when Open Window Detection activates.

Each coloured tile with a temperature represents a room you’ve created in your Home. You may also see tiles for heating and hot water depending on your devices and setup*. You can select any tile to see more details.

The larger figure shows the current temperature, with the room name below that. The smaller figure below that shows the temperature the room is heating/cooling to. If the heating, hot water or cooling is not active, it shows the temperature it’s set to.

The colour of the rooms gives you a quick view of their temperatures:

  • Greens: room set to a saving temperature (below 19°).

  • Yellow-oranges: room set to a higher temperature.

  • Grey: room set to OFF/Frost protection.

Select a room to change your Smart Schedule, manually change the temperature or to view your Climate Report.


Below the rooms you’ll find the following skills:

  • Air Comfort, which shares details about the quality of the air in your home.

  • Geofencing, which shows if your home is currently set to the Home or Away settings of your Smart Schedule. Select this to adjust your settings to Home/Away/Auto.

  • Energy Savings, which shows how tado° helped you save in the last month. If you have Auto-Assist, this will be Energy IQ, where you can check your energy consumption report.

  • Care & Protect monitors the ‘health’ of your heating system, helping you to identify issues should they arise.

At the bottom of the Home screen, you can access:


Select this to make changes to the settings of your skills, or if you want to change or view details about your:


Select this to adjust your account details or get help from the tado° Community or Support, and sign out of your account.

The easiest way to keep your tado° app up to date is to activate automatic app updates in the operating system settings of your smartphone.

*If a Heat Pump Optimizer is your only tado° product, the app Home screen will display specific features for heat pumps and fewer elements overall.

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