You can find a full history of your heating and cooling activity in the Climate Report in your app. To access your daily report, tap on the Climate Report icon in the upper right corner of the Room Screen.

The report shows the changes in room temperature, outside temperature, and weather throughout the day.

On the right-hand side of the Climate Report, you’ll see three buttons that will give you more information:

Heat request: Tap this button to see how much heat tado° asks for from your heating system throughout the day (only for rooms with Smart Thermostats Wireless Temperature Sensors or Smart Radiator Thermostats).

Humidity: Tap this button to see how humidity levels have changed in the room throughout the day.

Sunshine: Tap this button to see how sunny it was during the day and how it affected your indoor temperature.

Tap and hold on any point on your Climate Report curve to see the current heat request, target temperature, room temperature, and humidity level. You can also slide along the curve to see how these values have changed throughout the day.

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