How do I return my devices?
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30-day return

To return your tado° devices, you need to contact us via chat within 30 days from the day you got them. This 30-day return policy applies only if you bought your devices from the tado° webshop. If you bought tado° from one of our retail partners, please check their return policies for more information.

Once your request arrives, we’ll send you a return label and all the necessary documents for the return. You’ll need to use the label within 14 days of receiving it, to send your devices back to us for free.

You must return your devices in full and in their original packaging. Once we receive them, you’ll get a full refund. Please make sure you include all the necessary documents in your return package to speed up the refund process.

Energy Savings Guarantee

tado° also offers an Energy Savings Guarantee that lets you return your devices if they don’t save you enough energy.

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