The main aim of tado° is to help you save energy and make your life more comfortable. tado° developed the Smart Schedule so that you don’t have to worry about when to turn your heating on and off. In particular, there are two tado° features that intelligently adjust your heating settings:

  • Away Temperature
  • Early Start

Away Temperature

In the Away tab of the Smart Schedule, you can set the Away Temperature to specify the temperature that tado° maintains when nobody is at home.

If the Auto-Assist Skill is activated, you can find the Preheat Before Arrival setting in the Away tab. Preheat Before Arrival lets you decide how you want tado° to preheat your home before your arrival. When Preheat Before Arrival and Geofencing is activated, tado° determines the best time to begin heating your home to reach the temperature set in the Smart Schedule just in time for your arrival. Using these settings, the Away Temperature acts as a minimum limit the temperature will not drop below.

If Preheat Before Arrival is inactive, tado° won’t automatically set the optimal Away Temperature. Instead, it will maintain the Minimum Away Temperature when no one is at home.

Early Start

When the Early Start feature is enabled, tado° starts heating your room earlier than the time block starts to reach the temperature set in the Smart Schedule by the time you've set. To determine the right time when to start heating, tado° uses an algorithm that takes a variety of data into account, such as the inside temperature, the temperature to be reached, the performance of the heating system, as well as building characteristics.

For example, suppose you set your desired Home Temperature to be 21 °C by 7:00 am. If your Home Temperature during the night is 18 °C, then tado° starts heating your home before 7:00 am to reach 21 °C by then. The exact time at which tado° starts heating your home depends on the performance of your heating system and building characteristics.

You can disable the Early Start feature in the Smart Schedule settings. When this feature is disabled, tado° only starts heating your room at the scheduled time.

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