If the Auto-Assist Skill is activated and tado° is in Away mode, tado° automatically determines the ideal Away Temperature. This is the ideal temperature to which tado° will allow your room to drop to when it is in Away Mode.  

tado° arrives at this temperature after taking into account many factors like building insulation, heating system characteristics, how far you are from your home and so on.

This ideal Away Temperature can, therefore, be different from the Minimum Away Temperature you have set on tado°. tado° will set the Away Temperature only as low as needed to allow it to achieve the target temperature on the Smart Schedule in time for your arrival. So the closer you are to your home, the closer to your target temperature the Away Temperature set by tado° will be.

So if you are away from home but not too far (for instance, if you work very close to your home), tado° will not lower the Away temperature as much as you may expect as it does not have much time to preheat.

If you want tado° to maintain the Minimum Away Temperature you have set, you can set Preheat Before Arrival to OFF in the Away tab of the Smart Schedule.

If you think tado° is having trouble recognising when you’re home or away, learn more about how to fix this here

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