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Turning Child Lock on and off is generally managed in the app. However, should the Smart Radiator Thermostat go offline for any reason, you can deactivate Child Lock on the device itself.

When the device is offline, it will continue to heat according to the setting it had when it lost connection to the cloud. If you want to adjust your heating manually, you can do so on the device until it gets back online.

To deactivate Child Lock (and be able to manually adjust your heating while offline), please do the following on your Smart Radiator Thermostat:

  • Unmount the Smart Radiator Thermostat head from the radiator, then

  • Remove the batteries from the device and wait 10 seconds before putting them back, then close the battery compartment.

  • Then wait 1 minute before you remount the device. This ensures the device will calibrate successfully.

Note: This manual change is temporary, and once the connection with the app is reestablished, Child Lock will automatically be reactivated.

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