The serial number of your tado° devices can be found:

In the app:

Go to Settings > Rooms & Devices. The serial number appears just below the device name on the list. If one room has multiple Smart Radiator Thermostats, tap on Blink Display and the corresponding Smart Radiator Thermostat’s display will flash 'Hi' helping you identify the device.

On the side, back or under the cover of the device as shown.

You can also find other registration information like auth code and QR code here.

Internet Bridge

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Smart Thermostat

Smart Radiator Thermostat

Wireless Receiver

  • The Wireless Receiver - Programmer with Hot Water Control (UK)

  • The Wireless Receiver (EU)

Extension Kit

Smart AC Control

Save a hard copy of your devices’ registration information

Every tado° device comes with:

  • a removable sticker containing its registration information, and

  • a guide booklet.

Paste the device stickers in the booklet. Then, write the name of the relevant room in your tado° Home below, for future reference.

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