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Where can I find installation instructions for my tado° heating devices?
Where can I find installation instructions for my tado° heating devices?
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To help you install your tado° devices easily, we provide you with clear, step-by-step instructions that are tailored to your specific system.

To get installation instructions for your Smart Radiator Thermostat, Smart Thermostat, Wireless Temperature Sensor, Wireless Receiver or Extension Kit, go to your tado° app and sign in to your account. You will then be guided through the installation process below.

  1. Add your tado° devices to your home. If this is not your first installation you will need to go to Settings > Rooms & Devices and select add device.

  2. Then, select “Installation Instructions”.

  3. Next, select the make and model name of your current room thermostat or controller that you want to replace with tado°, or select your boiler that you want to connect tado° to.

  4. Follow the customized installation instructions for your tado° device.

You can continue with a paused installation at any time by going to Settings > Rooms & Devices in your tado° app, selecting your device and clicking on “Installation Instructions” again. If needed, you can change the selected system to get new instructions (e.g. when moving to another house or getting a new boiler installed).

If you’re a professional installer, you can refer to the Manual for Professional Installers for generic instructions to wire and set up tado°.

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