When the batteries in your Smart Thermostat t or Wireless Temperature Sensor run out, you can replace them with three fresh AAA alkaline batteries (LR03). Your Smart Radiator Thermostat requires two AA alkaline batteries (LR6).

Your devices may not work and can even be damaged if their batteries are replaced with an incorrect type. 

How to replace batteries

Once you have replaced your batteries, your device will restart on its own. For Smart Radiator Thermostats, please wait one minute before you remount the device. This will ensure that the device calibrates successfully to the valve.

When replacing the batteries, please remember:

  • Use only alkaline batteries (LR03 or LR6).
  • Do not use zinc-carbon (R03 or R06) batteries. Although they have the same form factor as the LR03 or LR6 batteries, they have a lower capacity and are therefore not suitable for use with tado°.
  • Do not mix old batteries with new ones in one device. Always replace all batteries at the same time.
  • Do not mix batteries of different types, eg. Alkaline with NiMH.
  • For safety reasons, when replacing batteries of a wired Smart Thermostat, please make sure to turn the power supply to the heating system off before removing the front cover of the device.
  • When placing the new alkaline batteries into your device's battery slot, take care to align the positive (+) and negative (-) polarities correctly, as shown in the diagram inside the battery compartment.

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