You can add a maximum of 7 heating devices to every room in the tado° app used for heating; one of which can be a Smart Thermostat or a Wireless Temperature Sensor. This means you can have, either

  • 7 Smart Radiator Thermostats or

  • 6 Smart Radiator Thermostats and 1 Wireless Temperature Sensor

  • 6 Smart Radiator Thermostats and 1 Smart Thermostat

Please note: Besides the Internet Bridge, you can have a maximum of 25 heating devices in your tado° Home to distribute among your heating rooms.

Tip: If you have several tado° devices installed in the same room in your home, you can group them together in a single room in the tado° app. This will ensure better temperature measurement and maximum comfort.

When you set up a Smart AC Control to control an air-conditioner, an independent room is created for this device in the tado° app. Each of these rooms can only have 1 Smart AC Control in it.

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