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If the batteries of your devices are low or depleted, tado° won’t be able to control your heating as intended.

For example, the display of your Smart Thermostat may flicker, and the touch arrows may stop responding. Alternatively, your Smart Radiator Thermostat may not close fully, which can cause your radiators to heat even when not needed. Also, your devices could lose connection to the Internet Bridge.

When the batteries of your devices run out, tado° will notify you as follows:

  1. First, your devices will show a low or depleted battery symbol on their displays.

  2. A few days later, the low battery symbol will be shown in Settings > Rooms & Devices > list of devices, in the tado° app.

  3. Then, you’ll also receive an email to warn you that your devices are running low on battery.

Please make sure that you replace your batteries as soon as you receive a low battery notification on a device, in the app, or via email. This will help make sure your devices stay connected and work well.

You won’t lose your data or Smart Schedule settings on tado° if your batteries run out. However, you won’t be able to control your heating on your tado° devices until you replace the batteries.

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