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What happens when the batteries of my tado° devices run out?
What happens when the batteries of my tado° devices run out?
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If the batteries of your devices are low or depleted, tado° won’t be able to control your heating as intended.

Not replacing batteries when necessary can result in the following:

  • Your Smart Thermostat’s display may flicker and touch arrows may become unresponsive.

  • If the Smart Radiator Thermostat doesn’t have enough battery power to close the radiator valve (or re-close after responding to a Frost Protection action), the valve can remain open and heat continuously.

  • Your tado° devices could lose connection with the Internet Bridge.

  • You may not be able to control your devices manually.

When the batteries of your devices run out, you will notice the following:

  • Your devices will show a low or depleted battery symbol on their displays.

  • The low battery symbol will be shown in Settings > Rooms & Devices > next to the relevant device, in the tado° app*.

  • You’ll receive an email to warn you that your devices are running low on battery*.

Please make sure that you replace your batteries as soon as you receive a low battery notification on a device, in the app, or via email. This will help your devices to stay connected and operate properly. Your schedule data will be saved in the Smart Schedule settings on the tado° app.

Note: If you disconnect the Internet Bridge or router, your batteries will deplete much faster. Your tado° devices will spend extra energy constantly searching for an Internet connection. Instead, we recommend that you set all rooms to OFF when no heat is needed.

*If your tado° device disconnects, the tado° app can’t display that device’s battery status, nor send a low battery notification.

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