tado°’s Open Window Detection uses sudden changes in temperature or humidity to detect if a window is open and switches off for a while to save energy.

To enable or disable this Skill, go to Settings > Open Window Detection in the tado° app.

By default, tado° switches off for 15 minutes after an open window is detected. You can adjust how long tado° stays off for each individual room by going to Settings > Open Window Detection in the tado° app.

You can also turn tado° back on in the app or on the devices before this set shutoff time has passed.

Simply turn the knob of the Smart Radiator Thermostat or use the touch arrows on the Smart Thermostat or Smart AC Control V3+ to cancel the open window shutoff.

Please note that only the device that measures the temperature in a room can detect an open window. So, if you have multiple devices in one room, you can choose which of these should be the measuring device.

When the set shutoff time has passed or is adjusted manually, tado° blocks the detection of open windows for 15 minutes.

Keep in mind that tado° won’t send you an Open Window notification if the heating in the room was set to OFF at the time the change was detected.

Please note: the Smart AC Control does not detect an open window if your AC is set to Dry, Fan or Auto mode.

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