Your tado° account comes with a default Smart Schedule already set up.

To personalise your Smart Schedule, go to the Room Screen of your choice in the tado° app and tap the Smart Schedule icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Each room’s Smart Schedule has 2 different sections: Home and Away.

Defining Home settings

In the Home tab, you can divide your day into multiple time blocks and specify custom settings, like temperature, for each of these blocks, based on your daily routine. 

tado° applies the settings specified in the Home tab of the Smart Schedule whenever it is in Home Mode.

To set up your schedule for when tado° is in Home Mode:

1. Select the days for which you want to set a specific schedule. 

You have three scheduling options:

  • Set the same schedule for all the days of the week. 

  • Set one schedule for the weekdays and a different one for the weekend. 

  • Set a different schedule for every day of the week. 

Tip: You can set up different settings for each of the three scheduling options and switch between them as needed. For instance, you could have Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun for colder months, when you need more active heating. Then, you could set Mon-Sun for summer when you want your heating to remain passive. 

2. Add or modify time blocks in your schedule. 

Each day’s schedule is shown as a bar of 24 hours that starts at 00:00 and ends at 24:00. The starting point of the first time block and endpoint of the last time block are fixed and cannot be changed. The schedule for a day must have at least one time block and each additional time block must be at least 15 minutes long. 

To add a time block, click/tap on “add time block” below each row of blocks. When adding the time block, you can choose the start and end time. If the new block’s time range overlaps with existing time blocks, the app will automatically adjust or delete the existing time blocks accordingly.

You can also edit or delete time blocks from your schedule. Read more about how to do this in this article. 

3. Enable or disable Geofencing for your time blocks. 

Geofencing is enabled for every time block by default. To disable this, tap on the time block and go to Advanced Settings. Read more about what happens when Geofencing is enabled or disabled for a time block here

Defining Away settings

tado° applies the settings specified in the Away tab of the Smart Schedule whenever tado°  is in Away Mode

For your rooms with heating, you can set a Minimum Away Temperature, which is the lowest temperature tado° will allow your room to drop to when tado° is in Away Mode.  

If the Auto-Assist Skill is activated, you can also find the Preheat Before Arrival setting here. tado° will then automatically determine the ideal Away Temperature for when it is in Away Mode. 

You can choose between the three available levels of preheating: Eco, Balance or Comfort. tado° will also determine the best time to start heating your home in order to reach the temperature set in the Smart Schedule in time for your arrival. 

Please note: If a Home member has manually set tado° to Away or Home Mode, automatic Geofencing and Preheat Before Arrival will be deactivated. To reactivate automatic Geofencing and Preheat Before Arrival, tado° has to be switched back to Auto.

If Preheat Before Arrival is set to off, tado° maintains the Minimum Away Temperature when it is in Away Mode. 

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