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I have Smart Radiator Thermostats installed and the app shows that there is no remote access. What does it mean and what can be done?

The Internet connection at your Home is temporarily interrupted

The most common cause for “no remote access” is a temporary issue with the Internet connection in your Home which usually resolves itself. You can learn more about this in our article: What happens when the Internet connection is temporarily lost?

If the Internet disconnection persists, please check that your router is powered and if so then reset the router.

The Bridge cannot establish a connection to the tado° server

Please check the LEDs on your Bridge for troubleshooting.

The radio link between the Smart Radiator Thermostat and the Bridge is interrupted

In rare cases, the radio link between a Smart Radiator Thermostat and the Bridge can be interrupted. This also means that the devices cannot exchange information any longer. If you change a setting on one Smart Radiator Thermostat, it will display that there are changes that have not been synchronized with other Smart Radiator Thermostats yet.

The batteries in the Smart Radiator Thermostat are empty

If the batteries in the Smart Radiator Thermostat are completely empty, the display will not light up anymore when you turn the knob. Please replace the batteries.

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