How does Manual Control in the app and on the device work?

Are you feeling a little bit colder tonight and want to boost your heating for 2 hours, or you want to turn on hot water for a bit to take a hot shower?

Temporary adjustments to your heating or air conditioning settings are very simple. Just use the app or the user interface on the tado° Smart Thermostat or Smart AC Control.

By pressing on the centre of the app main screen, where the current settings are displayed, you can easily change the temperature or turn the heating or hot water (for the Smart Thermostat) or Air Conditioning (for the Smart AC Control) on or off. These are temporary and won't affect the Smart Schedule.

You can choose between 3 durations to determine for how long your settings should remain active:

  • Until next automatic change: the settings only remain active until the next time block switch in the Smart Schedule is reached, e.g. from Home to Sleep Mode, or until everybody leaves the house (switching from Home to Away) or until somebody gets home (switching from Away to Home).
  • Timer: choose a time span for the settings to stay active. The Smart Schedule and any events such as residents leaving the house or coming back are ignored.
  • Until ended by user: the settings remain active until a user ends the Manual Control Mode. This is perfect if you want to keep a certain setting for a very long time.

You can of course change any current setting on the user interface of the Smart Thermostat or Smart AC Control as well. Any setting change here will be active "until ended by user" by default. You can change the default duration for the device in the app settings and set it to "Until next automatic change" or “Timer".