It is easy to make temporary adjustments to your heating or cooling settings on tado° manually.  You can change the temperature and other settings for heating, hot water or air conditioning via the app, directly on the tado° device or via other Smart Home integrations.

Here's how you can do this:

In the tado° app

Go to the Room Screen of your choice in the app. Tap on the center of the screen where the set temperature is shown. Drag the slider up or down to make changes to the set temperature. Tap on the checkmark in the top right-hand corner to confirm your selection. You can edit the duration of this temperature change at any time. 

On the Smart Thermostat

Press the button on the Smart Thermostat to activate the display. Use the touch arrows to change temperature.

On the Smart Radiator Thermostat

Turn the control knob on the Smart Radiator Thermostat to change the temperature.

On the Smart AC Control
Tap on the Smart AC Control to activate the display. Use the touch arrows on the device to change the temperature.

Using Smart Home integrations
Use voice commands or otherwise to change a setting for tado° devices through Smart Home integrations (like HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa).

When you manually make such changes, tado° switches to Manual Control. These changes are temporary and won't affect your Smart Schedule.

Read more about how long Manual Control stays active here.

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