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How does the tado° Heat Pump Connector work with my heat pump?
How does the tado° Heat Pump Connector work with my heat pump?
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Using the tado° app with your heat pump

Once you install the Heat Pump Connector, your tado° app Home screen will show two new tiles: Heating and Hot Water*. When selected, you can control your heat pump functions and access features including Automatic mode and Standby mode**. You can still use your original heat pump controller for manual functions and cooling.

Creating heating schedules

Select the Heating tile to view and set your heating schedule.

The default temperatures listed in this section depend on your heat pump capabilities and vary by make and model.

If the Heat Pump Connector is your only tado° product, you can set a target room temperature and tado° will estimate how much your heat pump should heat. The accuracy of your room temperature reading can be improved by adding tado° temperature sensing devices that will send feedback to your heat pump.

If you have other tado° devices, multiple devices will work together to measure the temperature throughout your home. The Heat Pump Connector will adjust the output accordingly to achieve the target temperature in each room.

Select the Hot Water tile to view and set the heating schedule for your domestic hot water.

Automatic mode and Standby mode**

The Automatic mode is based on your individual room schedules and optimized for efficiency. By default, it will override any existing manual schedule, but you can also toggle the settings to enable a manual schedule.

Once the target temperature for all rooms has been reached, your heat pump will enter Standby mode after 30 minutes to save energy. Standby mode is only available in the Automatic mode feature.


In the tado° app Home screen you’ll also find Balance for Heat Pumps and Energy Savings.


Balance for Heat Pumps is a loadshifting subscription service that works in combination with time-of-use tariffs. It adjusts heating automatically based on fluctuating electricity prices.

Savings summary

Savings summary shows your savings with tado° over the last month. If you have Auto-Assist, you can check your energy consumption report in Energy IQ.

If you already have other tado° products, you’ll find additional skills relating to room temperature control.

*The Hot Water tile will only appear if your heat pump controls domestic hot water.

**Automatic mode is only visible for customers with both a Heat Pump Connector and temperature sensing devices, like Smart Radiator Thermostats or Smart Thermostats.

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