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tado° works with a great range of heating systems. The precise way tado° controls your system depends on which heating system you have. tado° devices usually either replace existing room thermostats/controllers or connect directly to your boiler.

You’ll need different tado° devices depending on which of the following setups you have:

1. You have an existing wired room thermostat

A wired room thermostat is typically mounted in the living area. It can be wired to the boiler, underfloor heating, a zone valve, or a heat pump. On the thermostat, you can set a target temperature. The thermostat compares the actual room temperature to the target temperature. Then it adjusts the heating accordingly.

A tado° Wired Smart Thermostat will replace most wired room thermostats and take over their functions.

2. You have a boiler controller

Boiler controllers are often located next to the boiler or elsewhere in your boiler room. Some examples for boiler controllers next to the boiler are:

  • Timers/Programmers: let you set fixed times for the central heating and/or the production of hot water.

  • Receivers: are wired to the boiler and work together with a wireless thermostat. The wireless thermostat measures the temperature in the room and sends it wirelessly to the receiver. The receiver controls the heating. The receiver can be installed outside or inside the boiler.

The tado° Wireless Receiver can replace most of these boiler controllers and take over their functions. It controls the heating together with the Wireless Temperature Sensor/Smart Thermostat.

3. You have no existing controllers - tado° connects to your boiler

If you don’t have existing controllers to replace, you’ll need to connect the tado° Wireless Receiver to your boiler. It will be next to your boiler. The device works together with the Wireless Temperature Sensor/Smart Thermostat which is placed in the living area to measure the room temperature.

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