It is easy to manually adjust your heating or cooling directly in your tado° app.

When you make these kinds of changes tado° switches to Manual Control and overrides the Smart Schedule for the period you select.

Here’s how you can select the duration of the Manual Control:

  • Go to the Room Screen of your choice in the mobile app.
  • Tap on the center of the screen where the set temperature is shown.
  • Drag the slider up or down to make changes to the set temperature.
  • Tap on the check mark in the top right-hand corner to confirm your selection.

You can edit the duration of this temperature change at any time.

Adjusting the duration of the Manual Control

You can set how long you want the manual change to last. After you confirm your selection, you will see a horizontal slider below the set temperature.

Move the slider left or right to choose between the following options:

Timer: This lets you specify a time span within 12 hours, for which Manual Control should stay active. When you set the timer, tado° ignores all Smart Schedule and Geofencing settings until Manual Control ends.

Until next time block: This means the settings remain active until the beginning of the next time block in the Smart Schedule.

Until you cancel: This means the settings remain active until you end Manual Control via the app. This is best if you want to keep a certain setting for a longer period.

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