tado° heating devices

To set up your tado° heating devices in a new home, you need to do the following in the tado° app:

For devices that are already in your tado° Home:

  1. Go to Settings > Rooms & Devices, then

  2. select the tado° device you’d like to install.

  3. Select Installation Instructions.

  4. Change your heating system selection (e.g. new boiler make and model) to match your new home, if needed.

  5. Follow the customized installation instructions to install your tado° device in your new house.

If you have Smart Radiator Thermostats, restart them. Then, mount them to the radiators in your new home.

For new tado° devices:

If you’ve bought new tado° devices, you’ll need to add them to your Home in the tado° app.

tado° Smart AC Control

For the Smart AC Control, you need to do the following:

How to change your address in the tado° app

Remember to change your address by doing the following in the tado° app:

  1. Go to Settings > Home Details, then

  2. select Home Address and update the details to match your new home.

  3. Select Done to confirm.

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