In homes without access to the boiler, for example, apartment buildings, radiators are controlled by radiator thermostats only.

tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats can be fitted on most thermostatic radiator valves and control the room temperature based on a setpoint temperature and the room temperature measured.

This setup can be enhanced with a wireless Smart Thermostat for more accurate temperature measurement in larger rooms.

1. Smart Radiator Thermostats are installed on all radiators in all commonly used rooms (recommended)

Smart Radiator Thermostats in the same room are synchronized. When there is a call for heat all Smart Radiator Thermostats will open simultaneously.The temperature is measured by one selected Smart Radiator Thermostat per room which acts as the measuring device. For a more accurate reading of the temperature at the room’s center, a wireless Smart Thermostat can be added. 

2. Smart Radiator Thermostats are installed on some radiators in the rooms 

If not all radiators in a room are equipped with Smart Radiator Thermostats the remaining conventional ones have to be controlled manually, as before. It is recommended to set these to frost protection to avoid interference with the tado° controlled radiators.

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