If you own your tado° devices, here’s what you need to do to ensure that the new users can access your devices:

I’m selling my house with the tado° devices included.

You can only transfer ownership of a tado° device if you own it, and it is not rented.

To transfer your tado° devices to a new owner:

  1. Once they have accepted your invitation, either you or they must update the contact details linked to the account by going to Settings > Home Details > Contact Details.

I’m renting out my property and have new tenants.

To give your tenants access to the tado° devices:

  1. Once they have accepted your invitation, you’ll all have equal access to the account.

  2. If you already had tenants that had access to tado°, you need to remove them from the tado° Home.

You’ll need to repeat this process every time a new set of tenants moves out/in.

Please note: tado° doesn’t have different levels of access. Each member of the tado° Home has as much access as you, and could remove you from the Home in the same way.

If you have been removed from the tado° Home by a tenant, you can either request to be re-added or re-register the devices in a new account to regain control of your tado° devices.

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