How can I delete my tado° Home?
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Were you looking for How can I delete my tado° account? (if you don’t want to use tado° anymore) or How can I remove a user from my tado° Home? (if a person no longer needs access to a specific tado° Home)?

Your tado° Home contains information about your tado° devices, room setup, data from your Climate Report and your schedules.

If you want to delete your tado° Home, follow these steps in the tado° app:

  1. Go to Settings > Home Details.

  2. Select Delete Home. A pop-up message will appear.

  3. Set the toggle to on.

  4. Select Delete Home Permanently.

  5. Enter your email address to confirm.

  6. Select Delete.

Please note: once you delete your Home, you won’t be able to control your heating or AC with the app through your tado° devices or using services like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. All the data saved in your Home will be permanently deleted. Once deleted, your Home can’t be restored.

Your tado° account won’t be deleted when deleting your Home.

You can always reinstall your devices using your tado° account. In this case, log in with your credentials and create a new tado° Home.

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