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What happens to the Geofencing Skill when my phone is off?
What happens to the Geofencing Skill when my phone is off?
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If your phone is turned off, e.g. because the battery is flat, your tado° will no longer be able to receive any changes to your location. If yours is the only phone in your tado° home, then tado° will not be able to detect if you’re Home or Away. So, your heating or cooling won’t be controlled based on location anymore. The Smart Schedule will remain in the mode that was active when the mobile device turned off.

This also applies if more than one phone is registered in your tado° home, but all devices are switched off.

How does tado° show if a phone is switched off or if Geofencing is disabled on a phone?

If the location of a phone registered to your tado° home has not been updated for 2 days or more, it will show up on the Geofencing location map in the top left corner with a question mark. If the phone has geofencing turned off, it will be shown in the upper right corner of the user radar in your tado° app. These devices won't be taken into account for Home/Away changes in heating or cooling.

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