If Geofencing is not working properly on your iOS 15 phone please update your device to iOS 15.3.

For Geofencing to work correctly on your iOS device, please check that you have enabled the following settings:

Select precise location

With iOS you have the option to disable precise location. However precise location needs to be enabled for your tado° geofencing.

How do I enable the Location Based Services in iOS?

Leave the App open in the background

To ensure the best performance of the Geofencing Skill, we recommend that you keep the app open in the background.

More information:

Why shouldn’t I force close the tado° app by swiping the screen off?

Enable background operation

Allow background app refresh, as tado° requires to send location data in the background to make sure your home starts heating before you arrive.

How do I enable background app refresh in the iOS Settings?

Keep mobile data activated

Mobile data have to be available and activated. If mobile data is not available, the tado° app cannot transmit location data. Details on how to make sure that mobile data are neither disabled nor restricted for the tado° app in you iOS settings can be found here:

Mobile Data Settings in iOS

Please note that a mobile data restriction or limit may also be imposed by your mobile network operator in the mobile network depending on your data plan or potential data roaming restrictions.

Limit the use of the Low Power Mode

We recommend not using the Low Power Mode on your phone, since it keeps the tadoº app from running in the background.

More information:

What are the smartphone settings for optimal Geofencing with Android devices?

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