When installing the Smart AC Control, you’ll be asked to choose the modes that are available in your air conditioner.

To find this out, look at your AC remote for the names of these modes or symbols that indicate it. Remember, some AC remotes have flaps that need to be opened to see the modes and other settings.

The most common modes found in ACs are:

Cool Mode

This is usually the default mode set on most ACs. In this mode, the AC cools your room to the temperature you set on the AC remote and, then, maintains that temperature.

Heat Mode

This is the opposite of the Cool Mode. In this mode, the AC warms your room to the temperature you set on the AC remote and then maintains that temperature.

Fan/ventilation Mode

This mode is usually used to ventilate the room. In this mode, no cooling or heating happens.

Dry Mode

In this mode, the AC removes excess moisture from the room. The fan runs at a low speed and the cooling is on for short intervals of time. This mode is usually used during extremely humid weather.

Auto Mode

In this mode, the AC automatically switches between different modes to arrive at the most efficient one. The AC automatically sets the temperature and fan speed based on the measured room temperature.

If you’re unable to find this information from your AC remote, please consult the manual of your AC.

Depending on your AC model, some settings like swing, different fan speeds, etc may not be supported by the Smart AC Control. tado° also does not yet support some other modes like Energy Saving, Eco, Turbo, Sleep, etc.

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