When set to Thermostat Mode, tado° switches your AC on and off based on:

  • the target temperature you set,

  • the Acceptance Range, and

  • the Minimum On/Off Time.

To avoid your AC from switching on and off too often, you can:

1. Increase the Acceptance Range

The Acceptance Range refers to the range within which tado° maintains the room temperature.

Say that you've set the target temperature as 20 °C and the acceptance range at 0.5 °C. Then, the Smart AC Control will switch your AC on when the measured temperature reaches 20.5 °C. And it will switch your AC off when the measured temperature reaches 19.5 °C. So if you want to limit how often your AC turns on and off, you can do so by increasing the acceptance range.

To do this, go to the respective room in Settings > Rooms & Devices and change it in AC Control Mode.

2. Define a Minimum On/Off Time

When you set a Minimum On/Off Time, your AC will remain switched on or off for at least this defined time, regardless of the current room temperature and the acceptance range. The Smart AC Control sends a signal to your AC only when this minimum time has passed and the measured temperature is outside the acceptance range.

To define the Minimum On/Off Time, go to the respective room in Settings > Rooms & Devices > [Room name] > AC Control Mode.

Please note: some AC models only support the more efficient Standard Mode, which offers more options for control. It is the control mode recommended by tado°.

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