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Which air conditioners are supported by the Smart AC Control?
Which air conditioners are supported by the Smart AC Control?
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To assess tado°’s compatibility with your air conditioner, take a look at your air conditioner’s remote control.

The Smart AC Control V3+ works with most* air conditioners with an infrared remote control that displays the air conditioner’s current settings (for example, mode, target temperature and fan speed).   

Note: full state display remote controls that use radio frequency are incompatible with the Smart AC control.

Generally, there are three kinds of remote controls for air conditioners: 

Full State Display Remotes send the complete set of information about the air conditioner’s state (mode, target temperature, fan speed etc.) when a setting is changed. For example: when setting the temperature from 20 °C to 22 °C the Smart AC Control V3+ only sends one unique command to the air conditioner which contains all information about the mode, target temperature, fan speed, etc.

In contrast, remote controls without a display or where the display only shows the measured temperature toggle to the next value when a setting is changed and only send the information for this specific change. For example, when changing from 20 °C to 22 °C two “temperature up” commands need to be sent and the AC switches first to 21 °C and subsequently to 22 °C. The Smart AC Control V3+ and the air conditioner need to be synchronised to ensure that the Smart AC Control V3+ always knows the current AC settings. Synchronisation can be lost, for example, when the AC’s original remote control is also used. When this happens, the Smart AC Control V3+ would not know how many up or down command signals are needed to attain the target state.

Therefore, the Smart AC Control V3+ only supports ACs with a full state display remote.

*In fewer than 2% of cases, despite passing the compatibility check, tado° isn’t able to read the infrared signal of the AC remote. The only way to check compatibility 100% is to actually use the AC remote with the tado° Smart AC Control.

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