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What is Thermostat Mode?
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Thermostat Mode

Thermostat Mode is a legacy system, available only to older models of Smart AC Control. Check if the latest version is available for your model by simply restarting your AC setup.

In Thermostat Mode, the Smart AC Control directly controls your AC. It acts as a room thermostat and measures the current room temperature. It also switches your AC on and off to maintain the temperature you've set on tado°.

In this control mode, you can define a temperature range within which tado° should maintain the room temperature. This is called the Acceptance Range. tado° turns your AC on and off based on the target temperature you’ve set and the acceptance range.

Thermostat Mode is a limited control mode. In this mode, you may not be able to use some of the settings of your AC like Dry mode, Fan mode, fan speed, etc.

Once tado° is set up to control your AC, changes you make using your AC remote will not be reflected in the tado° app.

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