In Thermostat Mode, the Smart AC Control directly controls your AC. It acts as a room thermostat and measures the current room temperature. It also switches your AC on and off to maintain the temperature you've set on tado°.

In this control mode, you can define a temperature range within which tado° should maintain the room temperature. This is called the Acceptance Range. tado° turns your AC on and off based on the target temperature you’ve set and the acceptance range.

Thermostat Mode is a limited control mode. In this mode, you may not be able to use some of the settings of your AC like Dry mode, Fan mode, fan speed, etc.

Once tado° is set up to control your AC, changes you make using your AC remote will not be reflected in the tado° app.

Note: this control mode will soon be outdated. Check if the latest version is available for your model by simply restarting your AC setup.

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