Will my car always be fully charged?
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When there is enough time to charge, the tado° Smart Charging App will always make sure your car is fully charged at the desired departure time. Of course, we hope that your car is plugged in as long as possible as this allows us to charge the car only at the cheapest and most sustainable moments.

Thanks to the algorithms in the app taking into account your departure time, we know when we might not have enough time to conduct smart charging. In that case, we will try to charge your car as soon as possible.

If you always want a certain number of kilometres directly charged, you can indicate this by setting a “Direct Charging” level on the “Dashboard” screen. Please note that by increasing this level, you reduce the potential amount of benefits (savings) you could receive from Smart Charging. As a result, it is possible that your car will be charged during more expensive and less sustainable moments, compared to when no direct charging was needed.

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