How do I enter my smart charging settings?
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In the tado° Smart Charging App, you can enter your settings on the "Dashboard" screen. This is where you can indicate how you want your car to be charged. You can configure the following settings:

  • Start time

The moment you connect the charging cable to your car, tado° will stop the charging process after the first connection has been made with the tado° Smart Charging App and we will only re-start it after your set start time.

Be aware that when you set a start time, the direct charging preferences and the calibration (calculation of your charging speed) will start after the set start charging time.

You can smart charge without setting a start time. In this case, after the first connection between your car and the tado° Smart Charging App, tado° will start immediately the direct charging and calibration. After this, we can calculate the greenest and most cost-efficient way to charge your car and start balancing the energy grid. We will of course take into account your charging preferences, such as your desired state of charge and when to charge according to your off-peak hours or dynamic rates.

  • Departure time settings:

The departure time is the time when you want your car battery to reach the level of charge you require. Set it to match your expected departure time as accurately as possible. If you don't need your car to be fully charged the next day, you can set a departure time at a specific date and time in the future.

  • Weekly planning settings:

You can use this feature to set your departure times for the whole week. An easy overview for the coming week.

  • Direct Charging:

You can use this feature if you want your battery to be charged to a certain level as quickly as possible (after your Start time). This is useful in cases of emergency when you want to use the car earlier than your indicated departure time.

For example, if your battery is currently charged to 20%, and you set a direct charge level of 30%, then your car will be charged to 30% as quickly as possible. As soon as the 30% level has been reached, smart charging will resume, allowing you to start saving.

  • Smart Charging:

People have different ideas about the best way to charge their battery and the optimum battery level for their car. With tado°, you have control over how much you want your car battery to be charged.

  • Activate Boost Mode

If you need your car to start charging immediately, activate Boost Mode. Boost Mode will overrule the Smart Charging schedule and your other preferences, so your car will start charging immediately at the fastest speed your car will allow. You can activate this while you charge smart by clicking on the three dots in the right upper of the car screen.

Please note: Boost mode will only charge your car until your “Smart Charging” level. If you want your car fully charged as soon as possible, make sure your “Smart Charging” level is set to 100%.

  • Enable/Disable Smart Charging:

Sometimes, you may want to stop using the app temporarily—for example, if you go on holiday. You can disable smart charging by clicking on the three dots at the right upper corner of the dashboard screen. You can also schedule how long you want to keep smart charging disabled.

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