What does a charging session look like?
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After you have entered your data correctly, activated Smart Charging and arrive at your charging location and plug in your car, the following happens:

  • tado° gets a signal from the car that charging has started, how long this takes depends on your internet connection and the server of the car;

  • We first calculate the available charging speed of your charging location (calibration);

  • We will stop charging and based on the charging speed and your set preferences we will know how much time we need to charge your car to your desired state of charge;

  • When we see a favorable moment on the grid, we will start charging. If there isn't an optimal time for this, we will start in time to meet your charging preferences.

  • You will receive a Push Notification that Smart Charging has started

  • During your set charging period, charging will be stopped and started several times in order to balance the grid;

  • You will receive a Push Notification when Smart Charging is complete.

  • After disconnecting your car from the charging station we calculate your savings.

It is possible to open and use other apps during a Smart Charging session. This also means that you can close the app during a Smart Charging session.

Please keep in mind: logging out of your tado° account will disable Smart Charging until you log in again.

If, instead, you don’t have your smartphone with you or it ran out of battery, you can trust the fact that your tado° account is still up and running! When Smart charging is activated, in fact, the car will start smart charging when you plug in your vehicle.

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