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Installing and Setting up tado° Smart Charging App
I have a connectable charger; how does the tado° Smart Charging App work and how do I enter my smart charging settings?
I have a connectable charger; how does the tado° Smart Charging App work and how do I enter my smart charging settings?
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After setting up your charging location, you can indicate that you want to connect your home charger to the tado° Smart Charging App. To connect it, use your home charger's app login details.

Once this is connected, tado° can manage the car's charging sessions by sending “start” and “stop” signals to the charging station. This way, your car will charge during the cheapest and most sustainable moments of your energy tariff. Of course, the goal is to make sure your car is charged to your chosen battery level by your specified departure time.

The advantage of supporting different home charger brands is that any EV, regardless of its connectivity with the tado° App, can be a part of our grid balancing services and more drivers join our Smart Charging community!

Non-connectable Car:

tado° can only retrieve information about the battery status of your EV if it is connectable and also connected with the tado° Smart Charging App.

If your car is not connectable, tado° assumes that the battery level is 0% when you start a smart charging session. In this way, we ensure that the battery is always charged with at least 90%.

Due to our intelligent steering, tado° will charge the car at the most beneficial moments; however, sometimes, we can start charging sooner than you would expect.

Connectable Car:

When you use a connectable charging station with a connectable car, tado° will steer the charging process via the charging station based on your car data. This provides tado° with more insights and allows you to smart charge your car with even more functionalities.

In the tado° Smart Charging App, you can also enter your settings on the "Dashboard" screen. You can indicate how you want to charge your car. You can configure the following settings:

  • Start time:

When you connect the charging cable to your car, and after the first update with the tado° App, we will stop the charging, and will start again after your set Start time.

You can smart charge without setting a start time. In this case, after the first update between your car and the tado° App, tado° will start calibrating directly. After this, we can calculate the greenest and most cost-efficient way to charge your car and start balancing the energy grid based on your charging speed and preferences.

  • Departure time:

The departure time is when you want your car battery to reach the level of charge you require. Please set it to match your expected departure time as accurately as possible. If you don't need your car to be fully charged the next day, you can set a departure time at a specific date and time in the future.

  • Weekly planning settings:

You can use this feature to set your departure times for the whole week. An accessible overview for the coming week.

  • Activate Boost Mode:

If you need your car to start charging immediately, activate Boost Mode. Boost Mode will overrule the Smart Charging schedule, so your car will start charging immediately without interruptions from tado°. You can activate this during a Smart Charging session by clicking on the three dots in the right upper of the dashboard screen.

  • Turn Smart Charging on/off:

Sometimes, you may want to stop using the app temporarily. When you turn off smart charging, you can schedule how long you want to keep smart charging deactivated. You can disable smart charging by clicking on the three dots in the right upper of the car screen.

Check out the different functionalities in the following article: How do I enter my Smart Charging settings?

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