The Smart Thermostat is not available as a Zone Controller when it’s been installed as a Wireless Temperature Sensor.

As a Wireless Temperature Sensor, the Smart Thermostat only measures the temperature for a room in your home. It can’t be a Zone Controller as it’s not wired to your heating system and so can’t control your heating.

However, the Zone Controller feature isn’t relevant for all homes, and there are several other Zone Controller setups possible.

Making the Smart Thermostat a Zone Controller

If you configured your Smart Thermostat as a Wireless Temperature Sensor, but it’s actually wired, you can reconfigure your device.

To configure your Smart Thermostat as a Zone Controller, please follow these steps in the tado° app:

  1. Go to Settings > Rooms & Devices and

  2. select the Smart Thermostat that should be a Zone Controller.

  3. Go to Installation Instructions.

  4. Select room thermostat model and follow the instructions on the screen.

The configuration of the Smart Thermostat will automatically be updated to Zone Controller.

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