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The ‘Router’ LED on the Internet Bridge is blinking, what does it mean?
The ‘Router’ LED on the Internet Bridge is blinking, what does it mean?
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A blinking ‘Router’ LED on the Bridge means that the ethernet link has been detected and that the Bridge is awaiting DHCP IP address assignment from the router. Once the IP address has been assigned successfully, the ‘Router’ LED will turn solid.

If the ‘Router’ LED keeps blinking, please check the following points:

  1. Check the Ethernet cable connecting the Internet Bridge to the router. Make sure the cable is properly plugged in on both ends. Try a different Ethernet cable for connecting the Internet Bridge to your router.

  2. Reset the Internet Bridge by unplugging the power cable and powering the Internet Bridge back up after a few seconds.

  3. Check if the LAN port is disabled. If the lights on the port do not light up when connecting a cable to it, the port is probably disabled and needs to be enabled in the router settings.

  4. Make sure the LAN port you are using is not labeled “IP-TV”. Select a different LAN port in this case.

  5. Check whether DHCP is enabled. You will have to enter your router settings to do so. These settings can usually be accessed via your browser by entering or in the address bar.

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