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What do the ‘Link’ LED states on the Bridge mean?
What do the ‘Link’ LED states on the Bridge mean?
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The ‘Link’ LED on the Bridge is flashing

A flashing ‘Link’ LED means that the Bridge is in pairing mode. This happens during installation and indicates that you can pair other tado° devices with the Bridge.

It’s normal for the ‘Link’ LED to keep flashing even after the installation is done. It’ll stop flashing on its own in the next few hours.

The ‘Link’ LED on the Bridge is solid, but the other two lights don’t light up

A solid ‘Link’ LED on the Bridge indicates that the Bridge is powered up, but it hasn’t detected a LAN port yet.

If the ‘Router’ LED doesn’t start blinking a short while after you’ve connected the Bridge to a router, please do the following:

  1. Make sure the Ethernet cable connecting the Bridge to the router is plugged in on both ends.

  2. Try a different Ethernet cable and/or a different LAN port for connecting the Bridge to your router.

  3. Check if the LAN port is deactivated. If the lights on the port don’t light up when connecting a cable to it, the port is probably deactivated. You’ll need to activate it in the router settings.

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